How to Check TNEB Bill Status Online And Mobile

You can Check your TNEB Bill Status Online / Mobile by the following method.

To know your bill status on Web 

GO to TNEB Bill Status and enter Select your Region Code and enter your Consumer Number.

for example 121 5 5 has to be entered as 121 005 5

Region code
01-Chennai-North  02-Villupuram  03-Coimbatore  04-Erode  05-Madurai  06-Trichy  07-Tirunelvel  08-Vellore  09-chennai-South
Consumer No



Check TNEB Bill On Mobile:

As of now there is no SMS support available to Check the Bill Status on mobile.

You can register your mobile number in this Link for get bill details.


Recently TNEB has launched a Mobile APP for Bill payment.

You can download the TANGEDCO Mobile App from Google play store.