How to Find my TNEB Consumer Number or Service Number

TNEB (Tamil Nadu Electricity Board) Consumer Number and Service Numbers are printed or Written in your EB Card.

Find my TNEB Consumer Number

You can find the the customer Number in the front page of your EB Card.


Section (3 Digit) : XXX
Distribution (3 Digit): XXX
Service Number (4 Digit): XXXX

Consumer Number (10 Digit) = Section (XXX) – Distribution (XXX)- Service Number (XXXX)

Refer the below Picture

First two digits are your Region Code (XX) – Next 10 Digits are your Customer Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)  

In some cases Service number can be 3 or 2 or 1 Digit.

In that case Consumer Number will be 9 digits (xxx-xxx-xxx) or 8 digits (xxx-xxx-xx) or even 7 digits (xxx-xxx-x)

If the number is written manually like ( 245-3-3328 ) then you should take 2450033328

In some cases 9 digit ( 072-101-331) Then consumer number is – 072101331

If only 7 digit is printed in the EB card (134-008-6) then consumer number is – 1340086


How to Find my TNEB Consumer No


If you still find problem, you can verify your consume number in this web link