ISO 27001 Basic FAQS

ISO 27001 Basics |  ISMS FAQS | Information Security Management System

1) What is ISMS ?
Information Security Management system

2) What is C I A L ?
Confidentiality Integrity Availability Legality

3) What is BIA ?
Business Impact Analysis.

4) How assets are classified and what are they ?
Assets are classified as follows.
Information assets, which is in the form of soft copy.

  • Physical Assets.
  • Paper Assets.
  • Application Assets.
  • Service Assets.
  • People Asset.

5) What do you mean by Restricted ?
Information, which can be accessed, only by defined top level management.

6) What do you mean by Confidential ?
Information, which can be accessed/viewed by defined department groups and customers, which is not for all employees and outsiders.

7) What do you mean by Internal?
Information, which can be accessed by all employees and not by outsiders.

8) What do you mean by Public ?
Information that can be accessed/viewed by all including outsiders.

9) How are Physical assets classified ?

  • Critical
  • Essential
  • Non-Essential?
10) What is ISMS Certification Number ?
ISO 27001

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