How to Transfer money from Paypal to Indian Bank Accounts ICICI HDFC SBI

Procedure to transfer money from PayPal to Indian Bank Accounts ICICI HDFC CITY SBI Banks Net Banking

Transfer Money From Paypal to Bank

Now you can add your HDFC/SBI/ICICI/CITY bank and other Indian bank accounts to PayPal account for withdraw funds.

For that you need to know the NEFT IFSC code of your Bank Account Branch

This NFET IFSC (Indian Financial System Code)  is a 11 digit code, this will be like this example ( Example: ICIC0000239 )

You can get this code from your Bank Account Branch

Add any Indian Bank Account to Paypal:

To add your bank account to PayPal, you can follow the below simple steps.

1) Login to your PayPal Account

2) Select Profile -> Add/Edit Bank Account 

 Paypal to

3) Click on the Add Button. This will open  Add a bank account in India form

4) In that form enter your Bank Account details as shown below and click continue

Add sbi icici hdfc axis bank account to Paypal


5)  Once you have clicked on continue, immediately your Indian bank account will be added to the PayPal Account

Withdraw Funds to any Indian Bank Account:

To withdraw / transfer fund form PayPal to your Indian bank account , follow the below steps

1) On PayPal My Account page click on Withdraw

Withdraw Funds from paypal to any Indian Bank Account:

2) In this page you will find two options

  • Withdraw funds to your bank account
  • Request a cheque from PayPal

3) To transfer money to your bank account clock on Withdraw funds to your bank account

Enter the Amount, Select the bank account, Purpose of withdrawal and click continue


Withdraw Funds from paypal to sbi icici hdfc axis

4) Once you have confirmed, you will see the dollar to rupee conversion rate and your money will be credited to your Indian bank account within 5-7 working days.

Note:Please make sure that the information you provided is complete and correct. Otherwise, the amount will be returned to your PayPal account (deducting any bank charges) and a return fee will be charged.

Fund transfer cost is:
Free – for Rs.7,000.00 INR or more
Rs.50.00 INR – for Rs.6,999.99 INR or less


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