Squid time based Access Control

How to Configure Time based access Control in squid proxy server

Below you can find the squid time based access.

Edit squid.conf and add the below mentioned lines

User Based restriction

acl USER1 proxy_auth raj
acl USER2 proxy_auth sam
acl DAY time 08:00-18:00
http_access allow USER1 DAY
http_access deny USER1
http_access allow USER2 !DAY
http_access deny USER2

Special Access

acl After_Office time SMTWHFA 20:00-24:00
acl Before_Office time SMTWHFA 00:00-08:30
acl Proxy_Afrer8 proxy_auth  user1 user2
http_access deny  Before_Office #(Deny access to all users)
http_access deny After_Office !Proxy_Afrer8  # (This will exclude user1,user2)
http_access allow ntlm_users
http_access deny all                   

IP Based Restriction

acl IPGROUP01 src
acl WORKINGHOUR time MTWHF 08:30-17:30
http_access allow IPGROUP01 WORKINGHOUR
http_access deny IPGROUP01

Restart squid
#service httpd restart

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