GLPI Email notification configuration

If you have working smtp server, you can use the below procedure to configure Email notification on GLPI.

GLPI email notification

Login to glpi web interface as admin user
Go to setup -> notifications ->setup and enter your configurations

Use Email Follow-ups – yes
Administrator Email        –
Email Signature           – IT Department
Add a link to GLPI in emails – yes
Base URL used –
Use a SMTP server to send emails  – SMTP (select relevant config)
SMTP Host  – your mail server ip
SMTP Login (optional)  – user (If smtp auth is enabled for your server requires use proper mail user. Leave blank if no authentication required)
SMTP Password (optional) – mailpassword


GLPI Email notification configuration

Notification and Alarms options can be default.


3 thoughts on “GLPI Email notification configuration

  1. Unknown

    i have configured the latest version 9.1 and i am not able to configure this email . whenever i am trying to test after the configuration its showing Failed to send test email to administrator.

    Please help me .
    Thank you


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