Open Source Replacement Guide

Open source replacement for commercial IIS MS Exchange MS proxy Active Directory FRP Database NMS Tools Web Mail Helpdesk Inventory Management Tools IT Network Tools Online Meeting Room tools VPN Mailing List Solutions.

Open Source Migration Guide

Here I have mentioned the Best Open Source products which are replacement for the commercial products.

1) Mail Server

Linux Sendmail with cyrus-imap is the good opensource replace for other commercial mailing solutions like Microsoft Exchange , Lotus Notes etc. We can integrate MailScanner and Clam-AV with Sendmail.

2) Web Server

Apache, Tomcat web servers can be used as a Replace for Microsoft IIS

3) Active Directory

Fedora DS with OpenLDAP  Replace Microsoft AD

4) Proxy Server

Squid Proxy server is one of the best proxy server. Squid can be configured with lots of Access controls. Content filter, Upload & Download Limit, User Base access, time based access, block list, are the key features.

5) UTM / Soft Router

Untangle , pfsense

6) Database

Mysql, PostgreSQL, MariaDB

7) FTP /File Sharing Server

FTP Server – VSFTP

File Sharing – Pydio (Put your data in Orbit)

8) Network Monitoring Tools

Cacti, zabbix, Open NMS

9) Asset Management

GLPI  – Information Resource-Manager with an additional Administration- Interface

10) Bug Tracking

Bugzilla Bug Tracker

11) Web Mail

Roundcube Web Mail

12) Online Booking

Booked Scheduler (formerly phpScheduleIt) – for Online Resource Booking

13) NAS Box

OpenNAS – for iscsi/NFS/CISF/SMB File Server

14) SAN


15) Terminal Server

LTSP – Linux Terminal Server Project

16) Mailint List

MailMan – for Mailing list


SIP Server – Asterisk / Asterisk Now, FreePBX, Trixbox

SIP Client – XLite

18) VPN

OPEN VPN for VPN or Site TO Site VPN