GLPI plugins download Installation and Configuration

How to Download install and Configure plugins in GLPI.

Plugins download

You can download the GLPI plugins from GLPI Plugin website

Following categories of plugins are available in the web

 inventory, network, management, reports, data, export, helpdesk, import, buying, calendar, ocs-ng, appliances, entities, graphs, logs, meta-plugin, printers, snmp, snort, switchs  


Plugin Installation:

Download the required plugins form GLPI website and extract them in the glpi/plugins folder

Login to glpi web as administrator

go to setup->plugin

There you can find the plugin list

To install the plugin click on => Install

To Activate the Plugin click on => Activate



To configure the plugin click on the plugin name. That will open the Plugin configuration page.


Once you have configured the plugin, you can start using it from the plugin menu.
plugin menu.

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