GLPI Installation Guide – Step by Step Procedure

Below you can find the Step By Step procedure of GLPI Installation Guide for Linux Fedora Ubuntu or Cent OS.


1) Working Apache server
2) Working Mysql Server
3) Latest version of GLPI

GLPI Installation Guide

1) Mysql Configuration:

Login to mysql server through shell (or webmin). Create database glpidb
Example : db name – glpidb, username – glpiuser , password – glpipwd
In SSH run the following comments to create database.

#mysql -u root -p ( enter the mysql root password)
mysql> create database glpidb;
mysql> grant all privileges on glpidb.* to glpiuser@localhost identified by ‘glpipwd’;
mysql> exit

If you are ruining Apache and mysql in different servers, you have to use glpiuser@apacheserverip

2)GLPI installation

Login to Apache server host through shell
Download the latest glpi archive
Un tar glpi-0.72.4.tar.gz in the web root directory

#tar -xvzf glpi-0.72.4.tar.gz -C /var/www/html/
#cd /var/www/html
#chown -R apache glpi

Add dns entry for your support website ( to (replace with your ip) )
If you don’t have dns server, you can use the ip directly

edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and add the following configurations

< VirtualHost* >
DocumentRoot /var/www/html/glpi
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule .* – [F]
    < Directory “/var/www/html/glpi”  >
        DirectoryIndex index.php
    < /Directory >
Options ExecCGI
< /VirtualHost >

Or add alias for this glpi directory
Restart apache server

#service httpd restart

Browse your support url  or ip (from remote computer)
for directory access use ( from local host http://localhost/glpi)

GLPI installation Step by Step Configuration Procedure
GLPI installation

Click on Installation button


GLPI installation Guide

Click Continue

GLPI installation 3

Enter the Mysql user name password details and continue
host – mysqlserverip (localhost)
User Name= glpiuser
Password = glpipwd
Step 2
Select the database glpi form the shown list and continue

GLPI installation step 3


GLPI installation step 4


GLPI installation login

Admin user name – glpi , password – glpi

GLPI authentication
GLPI email Notification

2 thoughts on “GLPI Installation Guide – Step by Step Procedure

  1. deepak deshpande

    Nice blog …

    I'm installing GLPI on CentOS 6.
    Everything is ok and succesfully view the webpage until I key in this command

    #chmod -R 775 /var/www/html/glpi/

    which cause the webpage unable to view.

    It says that "You don't have permission to access /glpi/ on this server"

    So what can I do to fix the problem.


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