How to Submit WordPress Sitemap to Yahoo Search Engine

Procedure to Submit WordPress Blog Sitemap to Search Engines

Submit WordPress Site to Yahoo Search Engine:

* Now Yahoo site explorer is using bing webmaster, so no need to submit in yahoo(10/1/2012)
Step 1
Create an account in Yahoo Site Explorer
Login to Yahoo Site Explorer
Step 2
Enter your Wrodpress Blog address as shown below and click on AddMy Site

Step 3
Expand By adding a META tag to my home page
and copy the meta tag similar as shown below


Step 4
Now login to WordPress (wp-admin) and go to the dashboard
Click on tools, there you will find the Webmaster Tool Verification
Paste the copied Metatag in the Yahoo Site Explorer and save the changes.

Step 5
Now go to Site Explorer and click on Ready To Authenticate
If everything is normal, you will get the verified status as shown below.

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