How to Take A Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Tab

 How to Take A Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4,3, 2,Pro 10.1| tab 4 7.0

To take the current screen shot image of your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
1. Power on your device.
2. Hold the Power button and home button down simultaneously for 1-2 seconds.
3. Current screen will be stored as image.

Take A Screen Shot on My Galaxy Tab 3

12 thoughts on “How to Take A Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. Anonymous

    Why does Paper Artist keep trying to corrupt my screen shot?

    How can I turn it off?

    I miss the really nice built-in screen capture that used to be on my other device–a Galaxy Tab 2.0 7-inch. It went away when I upgraded to Jellybean 4.2.2, and I was hoping it would be on the Tab 3 10.1, but so far I've not found it.

    Help, please.


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