phpBB AutoMOD Installation procedure Step by Step Video

AutoMOD is a tool designed to automatically install MODs for phpBB3. AutoMOD for phpBB3 is the successor to EasyMOD
Below you can find the simple steps to install the AutoMOD.

Installation procedure

1. Download AutoMOD from
2. Upload it to your phpbb root folder by your favorite tool.
3. Unzip file in the phpbb roof folder
4. Copy and overwrite the the unzipped folders on root directory as shown below.


5. Copy all the folders inside this/uploadfolder and overwrite it on the root directory of phpbb.
Below comment will copy only the new files and leave all the existing files.
( Or ) you can unzip it in your local system and directly copy from your local system to phpbb root ( you can use your own method to copy these folders).

#cd automod-1001/upload/
adm develop includes install language store umil
#cp -af adm/ ../../
#cp -af develop/ ../../
#cp -af includes/ ../../
#cp -af install/ ../../
#cp -af language/ ../../
#cp -af store/ ../../
#cp -af umil/ ../../

6. Now go to
example –
and follow the instructions

phpBB AutoMOD Step by step Installation procedure

phpBB AutoMOD Step

Once the installation is completed remove the install folder.

#rm -rf install/

Now you can use this plugin for install / Uninstall phpBB Modules (Modifications) .

Video Tutorial: 

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