GO Mobile APN Settings for iPhone Android Malta

GO Mobile GPRS MMS Settings Malta

Automatic GPRS/MMS/WAP Settings:

To receive the GPRS/MMS Settings automatically on your mobile phone through sms, send an SMS to 4252(SMS is free) containing the corresponding order code. Immediately you will receive the configuration settings. Once you receive, Enter the PIN code 1234 and press “OK”.
Corresponding order code for your mobiles model can be found on the link

1. Manual GPRS Settings:

APN : gointernet /or/ gosurfing or rtgsurfing
leave all other settings blank
For more information, please contact Customer Care on 146  from your GO mobile or 79 222 146 from any other network,
For Pay As You GO , Pay Monthly Plans

2. GO APN Settings for Android / HTC:

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & networks-> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names -> New APN and enter the following details there
Name : GPRS
APN :  gointernet /or/ gosurfing or rtgsurfing
Proxy : < Not Set >
Port : < Not Set >
Username : < Not Set >
Password : < Not Set >
Server : < Not Set >
MMSC : < Not Set >
MMS Proxy : < Not Set >
MMS Port :< Not Set >
MCC :  < Not Set >
MNC :  < Not Set >
Authentication type : < Not Set >
APN Type : default

3. Go APN Settings for iPhone / iPad:

Go to Settings-> General -> Network->Turn ON Cellular Data Network (or Mobile Data Network) -> Select Cellular Data Network (or Mobile Data Network ) > APN and enter the following details
Cellular Data:
APN:   gointernet /or/ gosurfing or rtgsurfing
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
Leave all other settings blank.