Nokia lumia Rebooting continuously Windows 8, 10

Nokia lumia 920 Rebooting continuously Windows 8 | 520 620 700 710 720 800 820 900 Blue Screen and Keeps restarting Once Power Connected

Nokia lumia 520 Rebooting continuously

 520 620 700 710 720 800 820 900 920

Nokia lumia 520 restarting continuously 520 620 700 710 720 800 820 900 920 Blue Screen


  • Nokia Lumia 920 Blue Screen and Keeps Rebooting Once Power is Connected (Solution 4)
  • Nokia lumia 800 is restarting continuously until the battery is completely drained out. (Solution 4)
  • Not Powering on.
  • Nokia Lumia Started rebooting randomly.


* If your mobile is rebooting randomly and you can able to enter inside, you can try soft reset or Hard reset.

1. Soft Reset:

hold the volume down + power button pressed until the phone vibrates and restarts

2. Hard Reset:

Switch off your phone
Press and hold Camera + Volume down + Power buttons until your phone vibrates
Once your phone starts vibrating, release power button but keep Camera + Volume down button pressed for more 5 seconds

3. Restore to Factory Settings:

If the above solution dose not solve the problem, then you can restore to factory default.
* Before doing this Backup all your data.
On the start screen, Go to Settings > about > reset your phone.

* If your Mobile Phone keeps restarting continuously and not even allowing you to enter inside, then you can do factory reset using the below Method.

4. Factory Reset:

1. Disconnect your phone from the charger.
2. Press and hold the volume down key and connect the charger. An exclamation mark (!) is shown on the screen.
3. Press the following keys in order: volume up -> volume down ->  power -> volume down.

Your phone resets and boots up automatically. This may take several minutes.
Once your phone is restarted, you can restore the backup data.

8 thoughts on “Nokia lumia Rebooting continuously Windows 8, 10

  1. Karren

    i tried the factory reset and after the rotating gears are gone, it still keeps on restarting and restarting ad restarting. i don't know what else to do. help?

  2. Anonymous

    Guys help I have Nokia Lumia 520. I don't receive my messages on time, I have to be online to see them. I always receive a notification about a problem with my push notifications, and they say its because of network connection problem and I have to reboot my phone. The problem is I don't know how to do that.


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