How to bypass web filters Proxy server to Surf in schools and Colleges

How to bypass web filters In Schools and Colleges

To bypass your internet gateway web filters you can follow the below mentioned methods.

1) Use Web Proxies

To bypass web filters and content filters you can use web proxy servers
Latest List of Free Proxy Servers

2) Enable DNS block:

If  your internet is blocked by DNS server, you can edit the c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file and add the IP of the particular URL you want to access

3) IP based Access

Use the IP addresses of the particular URL
Just past this IP on your web browser address bar
For = =


4) Google Translate:

If the IP access, web proxy access,DNS also blocked, then you can use Google translate for view a particular page.
Google Translate:
go to and enter your web page and translate to some other language.
This method can be used for view cricket score
Google Cache:
Google search cache will display some pages for you.

5) Browse with Remote Desktop Tool:

Leave your home PC on and enable remote desktop
On your office computer go to Start -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection
or   start -> run -> type mstsc and enter
Enter the IP of your home PC (to find the ip of your home pc use
If your home pc don’t have static ip, Register your dns name in and use dns updater

6) Through Third party services:

You can check gmail, yahoo mail through this link
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  1. Anonymous

    im able to by pass the restrictions by hotspot shield .they restricted the speed to 30 kbps for each user .can i by pass the speed restriction on wifi ?


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