How to Update Samsung Galaxy Android Using Kies Program

How to Update Samsung Galaxy tab Android using Kies Program


  • Before performing any firmware upgrades make sure that your Tablet is charged at least 50%. If your tablet does not have at least 50% battery life, the tablet could malfunction during the update.
  • Do not disconnect the tablet during the update, this includes downloading/uploading of the firmware.
  • If you do not have Kies, click here to download it now.

Follow the steps below to update your tablet’s firmware.

Windows PC

1.Open the Kies program on your PC.
2. Plug the USB cord into your PC and the other end into the Tablet.
3. Power on your tablet, Kies will automatically connect to your device.
4. After Kies connects to your tablet a pop up will appear.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy Android Using Kies Program

Note: The pop up will only appear if there is an update available for your tablet. If a pop up does not appear you can check your tablets firmware by clicking on the Basic Information tab.

How to Update Android Using Kies Program

5. To continue with the update tap update.
6. Check mark the box after reading the caution steps and select whether or not to save all your content or proceed without saving.

Note: If you choose to save your content another popup will appear allowing you to choose what content you would like to save. Please note that the update may take longer if you save your content.

7. Click Start upgrade to begin downloading the firmware.
8. The update will download to your PC. After the download is complete it will download the update onto your Tab.
Important: Do not disconnect your tablet during the download/upload period.

9. After the update is complete a pop up will appear. Your Tablet will automatically restart.
10. To ensure the update was successful check the build number on your tablet. Apps > Settings > About device.

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