BSNL Broadband Internet Configuration for Linux Ubuntu Fedora CentOS

BSNL or Airtel Broadband Internet Configuration for Ubuntu /Fedora /Redhat Linux

There is no special settings required for connect and configure BSNL Broadband mode on Linux platforms.
BSNL Broadband modem is already per-configured.
So most of the cased, it will work with the default settings itself.

Automatic settings:

1) Verify whether your network card driver is installed on Ubuntu .
2) Connect the Network cable between system and modem (ADSL router)
2) Enable Automatic IP configuration on Linux

go to System—>Administration —>Networking

BSNL Broadband Settings on Ubuntu Linux

BSNL Broadband

Select Automatic Configuration and click OK.
By default BSNL modem is configurred to supply ip address for the system connected to it (DHCP Server will be running).
Modem IP will be – , subnet mask-, Modem will supply an IP for the system.
System IP will be – , Subnet –, Gateway –
Now you can start browsing the internet. 

Manual Configuration:

If you want to configure the setting manually. 
Follow the above settings and , Instead of enabling automatic configuration select Static IP Address and enter the IP details.

IP address     –
Subnet Mask –

Gateway Addres –

BSNL Broadband Settings up interface

DSN addres: 
Dns server address varies state to state

After saving the above settings, you can login to the broadband modem through web browser using IP- (user- admin, passwd- admin). There you can find the DNS server assigned to the modem. Same IP you can use it here.

Without configuring DNS net surfing will not work.

IF the DNS service is enabled in your modem, then you can use the modem IP( as a DNS server IP


Click Close
Now you can surf from your system.
Same procedure can be used for Fedora Linux, Redhat Linux

Configure Through Shell 

For Fedora Linux
edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
and add the below configuration
#vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0



Save the file
edit Resolve config 

#vi /etc/resolv.conf

nameserver primarydnsserver

#service network restart

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