How to submit Blogger Blog to Bing Search Engine and Add Sitemap

How to Submit blogger website to Bing Search Engine

1. Create a Account on Bing Webmaster:

Create an account in BING Webmaster tool and login to the webmaster.
On Home page Click on Add Site

Bing Search Engine

2. Add your Website to Bing:

Enter your blogger URL and click submit

submit blogger website Bing Search Engine

3. Verify Ownership:

Copy the meta tag similar as shown below

Bing Search Engine verify ownership

4. Adding Meta tag to Blogger:

Edit your blogger template and paste it below the head as shown below and save the template

blogger template and paste it below the head

Now go to Bing web master tool and click on verify. That’s all

5. Submitting Blogger Sitemap to Bing:

If you want to add the site map of your blog, go to sitemap->add sitemap and add /sitemap.xml
For blogger Custom Domains add   /feeds/posts/default?orderby=UPDATED