M3 Wireless Bermuda APN Settings for Android

M3 Wireless Bermuda APN SettingsĀ 

Using the following settings, you can configure the GPRS/MMS setting manually on your mobile phone.
Same APN settings can be used for DataCard configuration.

M3 Manual GPRS/WAP/3G Settings:

Profile Name / Connection Name : M3 GPRS
APN : net.bm
User Name : Blank
Password : Blank
Proxy IP:
Proxy Port: 9201

M3 Manual MMS settings:

Connection Name : M3 MMS
Access Point Name (APN) : wap.bm
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
Homepage / MMSC : http://mmsc.m3.dataonair.net:6672/
Port: 9201

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