How to Generate One time password (OTP) for ICICI BANK Credit Card (SMS NO 5676766)

How to Generate ICICI BANK One time password (OTP) for IVR and mobile transactions

There are three options to generate OTP in ICICI Bank Credit Cards.

Option 1

Send IOTP (Last four digit of your 16-digit ICICI Credit Card Number to 5676766 from your registered mobile number.

ICICI bank credit card otp sms no -  5676766
If your ICICI Card Number is --       1111 2222 3333 4444
Then  send SMS  IOTP 4444  < to> 5676766  from your registered mobile number only.

Option 2

Go to
and Enter your ICICI Bank Credit Card Number and valid from and Date of Birth
You will receive your OTP on the registered mobile number and Email.

Option 3

Automatic Generation of OTP.
During IVR Transaction, you will receive the OPT Automatically on your mobile number.



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